9 questions asked to Jérôme De Oliveira

The chinese portrait of our Bachelor in French Pastry Arts patron

If you were...

An ingredient? Lime

An utensil? Hand mixer

A pastry? Meringue lemon tart

A childhood dessert? Bugnes lyonnaises

A dessert you like to cook? Some baked apples with rice pudding, quite simply

Your little indulgence? Amaretti… When I start eating them, I can’t stop

Which ingredients (at first glance opposite) do you like to stir together? Coffee and pistachio or rose and Granny Smith

If you had to reinterpret a traditionnal pastry, which one will it be? The Paris-Brest with nuts and which I renamed Paris-Cannes in my shops… it’s our best-seller

If you had to recommend a promising pastry chef? Nicolas Lambert, my former sous-chef henceforth pastry chef at the Four Seasons Hong Kong restaurant Caprice **

Next intake – September 4, 2017

For more information on our Bachelor in French Pastry Arts, please contact our Recruitment & Admissions Department : international@ducasse.com  / +33 (0)1 34 34 03 38 or visit our website

Meringue lemon tart
Meringue lemon tart
The new pastry shop of Jérôme De Oliveira in Cannes
The new pastry shop of Jérôme De Oliveira in Cannes


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