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In January 2017, the Institute of Hotel Management Aurangabad (IHM-A) and Ducasse Education arranged a study pathway to facilitate the enrollment of students to ENSP’s French pastry arts programs. This collaboration further expands Ducasse Education’s existing international relationship network in India with the Taj Group after a sell-out master class in June 2017.

Commenting on this initiative, Dr Satish Jayaram (Principal at IHM-A) said “This is a unique opportunity for students in India to avail of exposure on world-class pastry skills, techniques, processes and practices, with transformation fully assured from ENSP expertise. The industry will largely benefit from receiving back highly trained Chefs returning from ENSP to bring the value of their learning in France to Indian markets.”

Zaid and Gayatri (Bachelor of Culinary Arts students at IHM-A) enrolled in the 2-month French Pastry Campus Program at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie to complete their studies and grow their French pastry arts expertise. They are now excited to share their current experience in Yssingeaux.13072017_summereleveshinde_030


You have been studying at ENSP for one month already. How do you find the campus, how do you cope with your new French lifestyle?

Gayatri: My time at ENSP have been a great learning experience. The campus is housed in a beautiful castle that gives a medieval feeling. It has 9 laboratories with state of the art equipment for every activity possible for making pastry, sugar art, chocolate and bakery. In this short period, I learnt a lot about how a patisserie world functions.

It is an excellent place to learn pastry arts, situated in the scenic town of Yssingeaux with small patisseries and boulangeries it gives us a chance to see and learn the local specialities. The faculty at the school is always there for the students and guide them whenever required.

Zaid: The ENSP campus is very beautiful and well designed. The architecture of the castle is excellent and the accommodations provided are also very good with all the basic amenities being available. The labs are excellent – a dream kitchen for any chef/pastry student to work in. They have all types of equipment from blast freezers to deck ovens/convection oven. They are large enough to easily fit a batch of 15 students. The equipment is very well-maintained and the ingredients provided are of the finest quality.

Life at ENSP is a complete new experience for me. Yssingeaux is a small town 100kms away from Lyon and around 50kms from Saint-Etienne. The course lasts 2 months but time at ENSP flies. There is the option to learn French language taught by a very wonderful and friendly teacher Mrs Evelyn. The lunch served at the restaurant is amazing. Almost all the staff at the castle speaks English.

How would you describe your daily class routine?

Gayatri: The classes at the school both the lab classes and French class are the best part of the day. The chefs explain the recipe in a very detailed and systematic manner which has helped me to improve my time management skills in the kitchen. Working with students of different nationalities and age groups taught me to be more patient and be a team-member. I really like the chefs at the school as they are always ready to help you to improve your skills. Their emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen has given me an insight on how to run my own kitchen in the future.

Zaid: The atmosphere in the class is very lively and full of enthusiasm. Classes start from 6AM in the morning and one never feels sleepy in the class, thanks to the good learning atmosphere. All the Chefs are very friendly. Their excellent English communication allows for great and open-interaction. There are students from almost all over the world in our batch. Spending time working with them and mutually sharing our knowledge makes it a whole new experience.

How did you manage to get admission through your institute?

Gayatri: The admission process thanks to the collaboration of DE and IHMA is extremely smooth for the students. The people concerned with this program is helpful and they helped me throughout the admission process and were connected with me through email and kept my parents in the loop as well.

Zaid: The admission process was very easy. Thanks to the cooperation between IHM-A and Ducasse Education, we benefit from a real support system. It is wonderful to be a part of this arrangement allowing high quality international skill development exposure for Indian students.

How does this pastry arts learning experience at Ducasse Education complement your learning from your previous education in India?

Gayatri: In my opinion the experience I had India and what I learnt here is different. Even though some of the things I learnt were same but they were followed by a detailed explanation on why we do it in a particular way or what would be the results if the recipe or the method was changed. Here, all my questions were answered with both a layman explanation and a scientific reasoning with interesting facts from the field of chemistry.

In the end I would just like to say that these 2 months and this course has been a worthwhile experience which every student who is passionate about pastry arts must take. The school is a true image of excellence and perfection.

Zaid: Pastry arts is a distinguished practice and to learn pastry in France is a unique experience. The roots of pastry originate from France and ENSP teaches you all the tradition methods of making pastries and breads. Obviously the climate in India is not as supportive for pastry arts as it is in France and the techniques also differ considerably. All in all, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us.

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From Ducasse Education’s perspective, India is an emerging market with a growing clientele for high-quality culinary and pastry education. We are working with top industry leaders to expand our footprint in India.

Photo credit : Luc Olivier

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