Students’ life – A first year rewarded by success!

Meet Antoine Dubois, one of our Bachelor in French Pastry Arts' student

"This first year at ENSP opened my eyes on my future projects and get me into a great professional dynamic."

Our first year Bachelor in French Pastry Arts‘student, Antoine Dubois, has the chance to perform his internship at “Restaurant Christian Etienne” of the Michelin-starred chef Guilhem Sevin. A unique opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge and techniques he acquired during courses. He shares his feedbacks with us through an inspiring interview. 


How was your first semester at ENSP as a Bachelor in Pastry Arts student ?

Great! The high level of practice and the quality of the pedagogical training contents are definitively the key strengths of the program, and, on top of that, the Chef Instructors team is fantastic in the way to manage and support us.

What is the most important thing you learned at ENSP ?

To me, the most important skill I had the chance to develop is consistency.  It is clearly a key success factor to build up a professional career.

How does your training at ENSP help you for your intership at “Restaurant Christian Etienne” with chef Guilhem Sevin ?

The bachelor training is really intensive with a wide scope. I have acquired a lot of techniques, skills and confidence. All those knowledge and experiences truly help me to be well trained & well prepared and finally make me comfortable with my internship at Guilhem Sevin Restaurant. I love the feeling to put into practice what I have learnt at ENSP.

Which adjective describes the most your professional experience ?

Very fruitful and an enriching experience! This internship gave me the opportunity to get to know more the job of pastry chef, like stock management, HR management,  mise en place, which are to me, even more key than the production itself. All this knowledge would not have been possible without the professionalism and the trust of M. Guilhem Sevin.

What is your best memory so far ?

A strong and unfailing team spirit. I got lucky to integrate a young, energetic, talented and full of passion brigade!

Which dessert do you prefer on the menu of “Restaurant Christian Etienne” ?

The seasonal dessert “Strawberry/Rhubarb”, the first dessert I have elaborated with the Chef, and which has been pretty successful with our clients. You can imagine it was true honor for me to propose my own dessert on a menu of a Michelin starred restaurant.

Le dessert Fraise / Rhubarbe conçu par Antoine et le chef Guilhem Sevin


Which aspect of your internship will you miss the most ?

Definitely searching associations of tastes and textures in a dessert.

Does your intership give you a new vision about your job and your future project ?

This first year at ENSP combined with my internship with chef Guilhem Sevin, opened my eyes on my future projects and get me into a great professional dynamic. It pushes me to even learn more everyday in order to improve my knowledge. I would like to continue my career in a gastronomic restaurant as a pastry chef. That’s why with my brother Fantin, we are going to integrate the brigade of Anne Sophie Pic with the chef Eric Verbauwhede during our second year internship of our bachelor.


We are truly thankful to Antoine for this enriching testimony. We wish him all the best for his second year, which is just around the corner!

If you have any questions regarding our Bachelor in French Pastry Arts, our Recruitment & Admissions team will be pleased to give you more information at or +33(0)1 34 34 03 38.

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