Key Figures

  • 7 millions : Total number of jobs generated per year in the world by the Hositality and Tourism sectors in the next 10 years;
  • 1st : Position in terms of recruitment for the Tourism-Hospitality-Food and Beverage sectors in France;
  • 450 000 : Total number of persons working in the Food and Beverage sector in France;
  • 4 800 : Total number of artisanal pastry outlets in France.

The Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry is growing rapidly and offers various possibilities for a rich and broad career. The Industry does not lead to only operational careers but recruits more and more people with management skills and knwoledge.

The Food & Beverage Industry

Especially dynamic in terms of new business creation, the F&B Industry offers careers opportuities and fast evolution. Polyvalent profiles with technical skills but especially managerial competencies are more and more requested but hard to find out on the market.

The Pastry and Bakery Industry

The Pastry and Bakery Industry represents the most important part of the gastronomic sector in France. Thanks to their unique and recognized know-how, French Pastry Chefs are highly sought after especially by international companies.

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