Students’ life – An internship under the… Michelin stars

Meet Egis Rasiukas, our Bachelor in Culinary Arts student

"It gave me a lot of ideas about what to do and not to do when I will open my own restaurant."

Egis with Chef Jean-François Piège
Egis with chef Jean-François Piège at a special event by Le Fooding.


Originally from Lithuania, our first year Bachelor in Culinary Arts student, Egis Rasiukas, has the chance to perform his internship at “Le Grand Restaurant” with the renowned and Michelin-starred chef Jean-François Piège. A unique opportunity to be part of amazing events and put into practice all the knowledge and techniques he acquired during courses. He shares his feedbacks with us through an enriching interview. 


How was your first semester at Ducasse Education as a Bachelor in Culinary Arts student ?

The first semester was great. I’ve learnt a lot of new things, but for the first time it was concrete and I wasn’t just trying and failing in front of a culinary video on Youtube. I was amazed by the quantity of recipes and techniques we were going to learn directly during the first year. I’ve got a lot of knowledge that I think I would never get outside the culinary school.

What is the most important thing you learned with Ducasse Education ?

Basics. That’s the most important if you want to build the foundation of your career. Without strong background of culinary knowledge you will never be able to do a perfect job.

How does your training at Ducasse Education help you for your internship at “Le Grand Restaurant” with Jean-François Piège ?

Training at Ducasse Education helped me in the way, that when I am in the cuisine I feel confortable and I can do a lot of things faster, better and more efficient than if I didn’t had any knowledge on how to work their. I’m proud of that, because my colleagues don’t have to explain to me a lot of time how to do my task correctly.

Which adjectives describe the most your professional experience ?

Efficient, fast, curious and never stopping even if you are exhausted.

What is your best internship memory so far ?

Jean-François Piège took me to work one evening to Reffettorio Paris,  where we cooked food for homeless people. That feeling was better than cooking food for the customers of the restaurant. Why ? Because when we went to the “salle à manger” people were clapping for us so hard with the biggest smiles and tears in their faces that I could not even look them in the eyes, because I would cry myself out really hard. And one more thing, you contribute to fight against food waste. That was the most beautiful moment of this year.

Which dish do you prefer on the menu of Le Grand Restaurant/ Jean-François Piège ?

My favorite dishes are “Ma version du gâteau de foie blond façon Lucien Tendret, sauce aux queues d’écrevisses et truffe noire”, the “Mijoté de homard en feuilles de cassis sur les carapaces, concentré des baies et foie gras” and finally the famous “Blanc à manger”.

Homard bleu mijoté en feuilles de cassis sur des carapaces, concentré des baies, foie.
Homard bleu mijoté en feuilles de cassis sur des carapaces, concentré des baies, foie. (c) Yonder


Which aspect of your internship will you miss the most ?

I will miss my family. That’s how I call my staff now. Thanks to them, I discover new things everyday. That’s exactly what I will miss the most.

Does this internship give you a new vision about your job and your future project ?

This internship really gave me an idea of how a Michelin-starred restaurant works because I had no clues. Also it gave me a lot of ideas about what to do and not to do when I will open my own restaurant. I tried to take everything from this restaurants winnings and failures. And I think that’s just what we should do in our lifes… appreciate everything.


We are truly thankful to Egis for this inspiring testimony. We wish him all the best for his second year, which is just around the corner!

If you have any questions regarding our Bachelor in Culinary Arts, our Recruitment & Admissions team will be pleased to give you more information at or+33(0)1 34 34 03 38.

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