Bachelor in
Culinary Arts

In a few words

While our jobs are in complete (r)evolution, highly specialized and all-rounded profiles are more than ever wanted in the industry. The Ducasse Education Bachelor in Culinary Arts allows you to acquire in 3 years the complete required culinary know-how and management competencies to meet the high expectations of the hotel-restaurant market.

Choose an educational path of excellence to succeed in your career as a Chef, a Manager or an Entrepreneur in the international food service industry.

Why choose the Bachelor In Culinary Arts?

Ducasse Education has unique teaching methods which combines small group settings and a high degree of practice to optimize teaching, achieve efficient learning and deliver a personalized follow-up.

In addition, the Bachelor in Culinary Arts is punctuated with great opportunities to put in practice all the competencies you learned.



The first year is 90% hands-on and forms the basis for your culinary skills and knowledge. It ends with a 5-month internship in an establishment part of Ducasse Education’s network.


The second year, courses are 85% hands-on and focuses on the various themes relevant to the food service industry and the fundamental of management. You will then do another 5-month internship in an establisment part of Ducasse Education’s network.


The third year is 20% hands-on and focuses on managerial and entrepreneurial skills. It will stimulate all your knowledge and know-how in a reflective and creative process. Your Bachelor in Culinary Arts course terminates with an end-of-studies project consisting in developing a food service concept.

Under the patronage of prestigious chefs

Our 2019 student will have the honor to be under the patronage of Gilles Goujon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Practical information


September 2, 2019


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Centre de Formation Alain Ducasse
41 rue de l’Abbé Ruellan
95100 Argenteuil


Our bank partners allow you to pay your education with preferential rates. For more information, we invite you to contact our Recruitment & Admissions Department at + 33(0)1 34 34 03 38 or


Download the Bachelor in Culinary Arts’ brochure.

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To enroll for the Bachelor in Culinary Arts, we invite you to download and read the terms of admission and the application form.


What are the career path and opportunities after the Bachelor in Culinary Arts?

  • Various sectors: Food service, Hospitality, Catering, Audit, Consulting, Training, Edition, etc.
  • Various jobs: Chef, Owner chef, Kitchen manager, F&B Director, Purchasing manager, Quality auditor, etc.


To enroll for the Bachelor in Culinary Arts, we invite you to download and read the terms of admission and the application form.

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