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Francis Sison (on the left) shares its amazing experience at Hostellerie de Plaisance, a 2-Michelin starred restaurant in Saint-Emilion.


How does your training at Ducasse Education help you during your internship ?

The very comprehensive training in school, definitely helped me to be well-versed with essential skills in culinary so that I may further develop them in the kitchen setting. More importantly for me, both theory and practical courses in school helped me better understand the concept of “Naturalness” that Alain Ducasse gives high regard to in cuisine.

Hostellerie de Plaisance, which is lead by Chef Ronan Kervarrec together with Chef Adjoint Anthony David (a former chef of  Ducasse Paris) aligns with the principles of Naturalness. This helped me understand more how produce is respected – with emphasis on seasonal, sustainable, high quality, and maximum use in a most creative manner. Making sure no part of the produce is wasted, producers are honored by supporting local talent and expertise. From the most basic and freshest ingredients like green peas, seaweed, asparagus, to farm-fresh eggs – each produce is highlighted, extracted through all its components to give more character, harmony and balance to each dish.

Which adjective describes the most your professional experience?

Resilience. My professional experience in the kitchen of the Hostellerie de Plaisance is all about a test of character. The one thing that is constant is that the kitchen will give you many forms of stress. But the important thing is how you are able to come back and adapt stronger than ever rather than succumb to the challenges negatively.

What is your best internship memory?

Being praised by the head chef for plating a dish and given commendations while addressing the team.


Which dish do you prefer on the menu of Hostellerie de Plaisance ?

“Volaille Fermière de Pierre Duplantier, suprême poché, glacé d’une sauce au vin jaune, tarte fine aux champignons de Paris de Mr. Delmas (last mushroom farm of Gironde, in Rauzan), foies au vinaigre de Xérès, chou kale, rapée de fève de tonka”.

Poultry will always be my favorite dish and vin jaune will always be my favorite wine to cook with sauces. The flavor of the chicken and its harmony with the mushrooms and the sauce is divine. Morevoer, the mushroom tart is such a tasty and delicious accompaniment to this wonderful dish.

Which aspect of your internship will you miss the most?

Lunch time! The kitchen brigade prepares the most sumptuous meals for its staff every day! Kidding aside, it would definitely be the people that I worked with. There is genuine support and focus on me as an intern and I felt it from everyone in the brigade. From the head chefs, to the sous chefs, to my chef de partie and the commis that I worked with at the Garde Manger station – I have learned so much thanks to their constant and diligent guidance. It is rare for me to come across people as committed as the ones I found in Hostellerie de Plaisance and this is what I will miss the most.

Does this internship give you a new vision about your job and your future project ?

I wouldn’t really say that there is a “new vision” as my future project, goals and ambitions have always remained constant – and that is to successfully launch and grow my food concepts and establishments in the future. I would say however that my internship further strengthened the need for me to get more work experience as it is very important not just to develop skills and culinary ideas but to also learn about how to effectively promote the role of teamwork, discipline, character in the kitchen and how it is crucial to be able to lead and manage a solid brigade.

francis cooking
Francis dressing “L’esturgeon d’Aquitaine”
Photos credits : Pascal Lattes pour Thuries Magazine, Hostellerie de Plaisance

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